When Reginald Agbeko from Ghana joined this year’s St. Joe’s basketball team expectations skyrocketed. Stu Boyar spoke with head coach Mark Simon and Reggie Tuesday afternoon.

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2 Responses to “Reggie Agbeko raises expectations for St. Joe’s. (VIDEO INCLUDED!!!)”

  • baffour agyeman January 21, 2011

    All I have to say is God has really blessed Reginald, he is my best friend’s younger bro…he has the talent ,the spirit is within him…..I knw he will surely be a superstar one day and all his dreams shall come to past……..keep the good work done bro….all the best…

  • Benjamin Siaw Sam March 26, 2011

    indeed reggie was a blessing to us in ghana,expecially his team mates in anglican school and i want to commend him for his great talent and seriousness till now.i believe he will be a superstar one day n may GOD help him .bravo reggie ,all the best

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