This past Saturday we were in action at the Lebanon House, Tudu, Accra. Opponents, Reformers. Flash back, this team defeated Hoops in its debut in the Greater Accra League in 2008. Since then they have lost over three games and came into this one on a winning streak. Still trying to rotate our roster and getting the team to gel, this same like the right atmosphere to test the present selection of players. In uniform for Hoops were, 4 Elvis P 5 Fred Y. 6 Winston C. 7 Robert Z. 8 Kena M. 9 Meme F. 10 Ishmael S. 11 Joseph L. 12 Abdulwahab A. 13. Alex O. 14 Ikeh C. 15 Musah I.

Hoops took the first quarter 16-13, with brilliant performances from Fred who was attacking the rim at every possession sending him to the charity stripes and putting key players of Reformers in foul trouble. In no time their go to player, Mohammed was in foul problem and had to sit most of the time on the bench. This created an opening in the paint which was well exploited. In the second quarter both teams put up good defensive play and the fans at the venue were thrilled by blocks from both teams. Ishmael block sent the crowd in frenzy and most started to view it as block for the tournament. He showed one of his strong side by really jumping high and sticking the ball on the board. It had even the opposing team fans clapping. Robert Z. was all on the boards raking in rebounds and being aggressive. He is one player who sees limited action but is notice once he hits the floor. One of his blocks also had the crowd in the game. The highlight of the second half was a breakaway dunk by Alex O. The half ended 27-18.

In the third quarter, the combination of Meme and Fred give Hoops a 28-19 score for that quarter. It was just a matter of finishing touches in the final quarter. Reformers tried to make a run but on the counter their key players who were already in foul trouble pile it up and two foul out which slow down their offensive plans. They out score Hoops in the quarter 12-14 but the damage was already done earlier as they went down 64-51. Player of the week is Fred Y. who contributed 15pts, 4assts and 5rebounds. Other players in double figures are Meme, 16pts and Alex, 11pts. Next match is 16th April at the Prisons Court, Cantonment against Tudu Magic. Be there!!!!!


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